The Biofold product is not only a beautiful en sensorial finish for your walls but has also perfect sound damping properties. It reaches very high αw-value and Noice Reduction Coefficient (NRC) which are values used to define the sound absorbing properties of a material or construction.

The BioFold material combination has been tested for acoustic properties according to ISO 11654 and ASTM C423. Biofold reaches a maximum αw of 1,0 (on a scale of 0,0  up to 1,0) and a very high NRC of 0,95 (on a scale of 0,00 up to 1,00) and reaches as a result of this a absorption class A. 

Enhance acoustics


Depending on the material composition and folding structure, sound absorption varies between 0.5 to 1.0 aw (alpha value) and NRC (noise reduction coefficient). These values are based on the ISO 11654 standard and the ASTM C423 standard. 


Discover the possibilities of perfecting the sound diffusion within your space using BioFold technology.