BioFold is inspired by the abundance of wasted natural fibers derived from plants, primarily jute and cotton.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Global giants such use millions of jute burlap coffee bags annually. Additionally, less than 1% of 1.2 billion denim products produced per year are recycled. 

BioFold upcycles these discarded textile streams that is not rewearable or isn’t used for recycling into new textiles. We combine these wastestreams with a biobased non-mineral oil plastic which is compostable. 

The Biofold product is biobased, waste based and recycleable. After several cycles of recycling the Biofold product has over its whole lifecycle not only a low environmental impact but even a negative environmental impact. 


BioFold utilises these non rewearable textiles that are otherwise difficult to recycle and combines them with a biobased plastic to create new biocomposite materials.


Using a circular process and digital production techniques, we transform the biocomposite into products with high quality, functional, sensorial and flexible architectural applications.